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My name is AJ

I'm an Entrepreneur and Full-Stack Developer

Scroll down to see some things that I've built!

Cap table management for private and public companies
Technologies: Ruby-on-Rails, Vue.js

Cap table management platform allowing private and public companies to manage their equity and handle all signatures/accounting requirements.

We built a rails application that featured an approve-accept process for equity, detailed reporting, and provided an auditable ASC 718 and ASC 505-50 report.

  • Sold to Cyndx in January 2018
Skip the line for food at concerts and stadiums
Technologies: Ruby-on-Rails, Objective-C

An application that allows people to order food from their phone and skip the line at concerts and stadiums. We ultimately pivoted to focusing on coffee shops.

We built a web application, an iPhone application and an iPad application (which allowed restaurants to receive orders). Users would also be texted notifications as their order was being prepared and when it was ready.

  • Semi-Finalist at UCSB's New Venture Competition
  • Finalist at University Mobile Challenge
Make Waves.

We organized UCSB's first annual hackathon with a team of 15 students, bringing in over 550+ attendees and raising over $90K in sponsorships. Some of our sponsors included Citrix, Cisco, and Appfolio, and we were featured in various local news publications.
Command Line file-sharing utility over LAN.
Technologies: Python

Netbin is a utility that allows devices on the same subnet to upload and download files to each other. We built it as a command line utility in python, managing direct TCP and UDP connections between clients, and maintaining an IP table that keeps a list of all active clients and uploaded files.
Highlight any text on the web, right click, and Spritz!
Technologies: Javascript, Spritz API, Objective-C, Ruby-on-Rails

We built a chrome extension and iOS app that allowed users to spritz various blocks of text anywhere on the web. Both of these apps would then send a message to our analytics backend (linked).

  • First Place at LA Hacks 2014 for the Spritz API Prize
Collaborative, line-by-line storytelling
Technologies: Ruby-on-Rails

We built a rails app that allowed people to write a story one line at a time. Users could branch stories at any point, follow stories and find people to collaborate with.